A pessimist’s guide to the future

  • Trump will walk away unscathed from the Russia investigation
  • The Democrats will fail to win the house in the mid term elections of 2018
  • Trump will win a second term in the white house, further enriching his estate at the expense of the state
  • Brexit will be an utter debacle in the short to medium term, inflicting abject poverty on the United Kingdom
  • There’ll be another general election within 1-2 years, Corbyn will turn out to be a one trick pony – not gaining any substantial seats. The Tories, supported by the right wing Murdoch press, pulls off a majority. Likely with Boris Johnson at the helm.
  • There is overconfidence in the market. With household borrowing on credit cards and car finance rising and the uncertainity from Brexit, there will be an especially bitter recession within 2 years.

Paxman’s autobiog – Reviewed

A Life in QuestionsA Life in Questions by Jeremy Paxman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An entertaining read. Written in a conventional linear style, Paxman’s lifestory is more surprising than you’d think. For one, he was quite a rebel in his younger days, even as a fag in public school he often disobeyed his superiors resulting in thrashings. His school years were full of amusing events like being flung into a boxing match, getting decked, then in his stupor connecting punches after the bell. All in all, he did come from humble beginnings and is an example of social mobility, to a certain extent.

Some of the most interesting sections were, when he was talking about his early years of broadcast journalism in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia. For once, actual valid criticisms of the EU, it supported a doomed Slavic state which was tearing itself apart with civil war, along ethnic boundaries. Insights into the Northern Irish conflict without the lens of British state propaganda.

Paxman touches on a number of themes, such as the unbalanced power distribution of elderly voters who are pandered to by the political parties. He says an idea is to limit votes to tax payers only, which is a novel solution. He talks about the decline in religion and the subsequent rise in celebrity idolatry. We’ll always believe in something: be it God or someone who was the runner up to X-factor 7 years ago, it seems…

In terms of the EU referendum Paxman sums it up beautifully, paraphrasing: Cameron thought he could stamp out vociferous eurosceptics, in his own party, by putting one of the most important foreign policy decisions of our lifetimes, into the hands of the British public.

A line I found profound about journalism is thus: It’s about putting as many of the editors prejudices into the newspaper without offending the advertisers.

This review can’t do it justice, read it yourself, it’s well worth it.

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17 Equations That Changed the World – Reviewed

In Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations That Changed the WorldIn Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations That Changed the World by Ian Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My enjoyment for this book can be described as the parabola of order two. It started off very strongly, became quite dry in the middle but finished off well towards the end. Highlights: Relativity, Pythagoras, i, Quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Lowlights: Normal distribution, Euler’s law of polyhedra.

Each chapter is a mixture of, some problem or quaint curiosity, mathematical derivations and how the equation shaped the world. I often found myself looking forward to the latter. Even with a mathematical disposition it was tricky to follow the derivation at times.

Epiphanous moments included, rationalizing Schrödinger’s cat/Quantum Multiverse theory, the origins of the nuclear bomb, entropy’s arrow of time and AM/FM.

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Quota limit exceeded error on Kodi Youtube addon

You get this error when searching Youtube sometimes. I believe the reason for this error is the addon uses an API key with a limit on the number of queries for each day. When a lot of users have done queries and have reached the limit, you can no longer search for anything.

One solution is to register an API key to your account and sign into Youtube. However another better one is to use a Smartphone app like Newpipe, which once you’ve found a video you can then play it in Kodi.

How to add other Emulators to Retropie

Retropie is an excellent addition to the software already available to the Raspberry Pi. It comes with a handful of emulators out of the box but is capable to run many more. The way to use them is a bit convoluted. First you execute the retropie cfg script and install an emulator you want from there e.g. snes, PS1 etc.

Now even though the emulator is installed, it won’t show up in emulation station. For that you have to put a ROM with the correct extension in the emulator folder. Then you can select the emulated system from emulation station.

How to beat library fines

Follow these simple steps:

    Step 1 Accrue charges on your account in a spurious fashion e.g. attempt to renew books over the Christmas holidays via phone but receive ambiguous messages
    Step 2 Realize you’ve received fines
    Step 3 Refuse to pay them
    Step 4 Wait 5 years
    Step 5 Try to take a book out but the machine won’t let you
    Step 6 Librarian gets confused why there’s such old fines on your account and deletes them for you

Et voilĂ . True story. I kid you not.

Back after 4 years

Only took 4 years for the redux. That is of course despite WordPress shitting itself during installation. It doesn’t seem to cope well with the multisite variable left undefined. Now let’s see if I can import the old database…