Corbyn’s revolution

The bourgeois military power existing in Westminster by its politics of robbery, taxation, violence, executions, and torture should open the eyes of the deluded. It is hostile not only to the working class, but, by the essence of things, to all the labouring peasantry as well. The labouring peasantry of the North of England and Wales should understand that only in union with the urban proletariat and the soldiers, in union with the Scottish and Northern Irish poor can the Conservatives be defeated.

This union of the urban and village poor can be realized only through the Labour party. Like it or not, New Labour will now strive towards the same thing for which Corbyn has long since begun to fight. His common goal is the overthrow of the autocracy of ministers and lords appointed by nepotism, hateful to the people, and the establishment of the power of workers by means of a nationwide armed insurrection. For that, their struggle against the right wing fascist media of the bourgeoisie, who are armed to the teeth, will have to be conducted as a regular frontline war, persistent and prolonged.

Inform the detachments of those points where Fleet Streets’s institutions and organizations have supplies of arms, clothing, and food, where they keep large sums of money and the system of their keeping.

There is need to work out in full detail the questions of the internal organization of the detachments, of leadership, of military-comradely discipline, of conspiracy, of the connection of the detachments with the outside world, of relations with the local populace, of the military-revolutionary field court, of the tactics of sabotage on enemy territory, such as the destruction of bridges, railway lines, steamboats, barges, stations, workshops and their technical equipment, the telegraph, mines, food supplies.

After Pasternak.

2017 in films part 3

Icarus – The story of how the Russians got away with state sponsored doping for so long. I feel a little sorry for Rodchenkov. I’ll need to rewatch the bit where he explained how they swapped the samples.8/10

A Nightmare on Elm St – Quite disgusting. It’s good to view the original story after seeing so many parodies in popular culture. Very thrilling from start to finish. 9.5/10

The Falling Man – Documentary about identifying a man who was featured on the front page of a newspaper, jumping out of the World Trade Center, after the 9/11 attacks. Quite an intriguing journey, with lots of twists and turns. 8/10

The Theory of Everything – Heartening biopic of Stephen Hawking. It was less entertaining in the final third but overall excellent. 9/10

Quadrophenia – This is like grange hill the movie. I was expecting some sort of film about The Who, but they barely feature in this, beyond some music and a fleeting stint on screen. It’s all about a love story, in between the rivalry between the mods and rockers in 60s London. Add booze and party pills into the mix and you’ve got a winner. 9.5/10

Excalibur – Would have got a perfect score but the dialogue was a little hard to understand. It’s like the PG version of Conan the Barbarian. Similar to A Nightmare on Elm St, good to see the the myth in entirety after seeing only snippets throughout the years. Captivating from start to finish. 9.5/10

Soviet Afghan War Documentary – I never really understood why this war took place. It was all about soviet imperialism and expansion of the USSR. Nice to see them lose. I once heard something akin to: no invading force has ever conquered Afghanistan. Partly due to the terrain, partly the will and strength of the people. This is probably the moment that created the Muhjahdeen and ultimately the Taliban. Thanks ruskis. Audio quality was a little poor so marked down. Available on Youtube. 8/10

What we do in the Shadows – Disgusting. I expected better from the makers of Flight of the Concords. It was watchable, quite average though the parallels drawn between vampiric and modern society were quite funny and apt. 7.5/10

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
– It was ok. Another action film really. I don’t remember much about it, which tends to happen if I’m not overly impressed by a film. 7/10

War for the planet of the apes – What I expected: A mindless, bloodthirsty action flick of apes bludgoening humans and vice versa. What I got: a heartfelt story of resistance, uprising and eventual freedom. The title implied the former so I was pleasantly surprised. James Rolfe said that, this is the best of the entire franchise and he is probably right. I came close to tears watching this. 8.5/10