2020 in Films part 1

The Day Shall Come – Highly awaited with great expectations but sadly nothing spectacular. The problem with this film is, I would always measure it against Four Lions which would take some beating. They are similar genres of film. Only the laughs in the latter come at you like the rate of machine gun fire and with the former it’s like the trickle of a stream. Though early on, it was more like a river. In other words, there isn’t enough comic relief. I know for a fact that Morris has researched this film umpteen times and there are many true stories included here but the ending is rather banal and the whole thing feels rather pointless. On its own I’d say it was an ok film but with your hopes dashed that makes it worse. At least Anna Kendrick is some nice eye candy to stare at. 7/10

Star Wars:Rise of Skywalker – The film has similar critques to previous films, like cringeworthy goofy dialogue. That’s not even the worst thing though.How the fuck do you explain Palpatine being resurrected from the dead?! They say they cloned him but that wouldn’t restore memories. What a shit show. The film can’t recover after that I’m afraid. I heard they fired the original director half way through, which would explain the shit plot, copied from fan-fiction no less.Even though the cinematography was great with great action. Nice to Kylo-Ren turn though it was fairly obvious he would. What was the point of Snoke again? I have subsequently learned that the goofy dialogue is the fault of actors improvising. Some blame has to fall on editors for leaving it in. 6/10

Parasite – Why is it that all the Korean films I have seen, are of some really fucked up shit? This reminds me of Oldboy for reasons that will become clear. You can see where the film is leading but it doesn’t detract from the experience. The ending was amazing. 10/10

Train to Busan – Zombie horrors have been done to death but this one was actually a little unique. I like films which are constrained to one setting e.g. Speed . The businessman’s fate was saddening as was the big guy’s (even shed a tear). 9/10

Seoul Station – The prequel to the above. Standard zombie horror but the art style is good. Also the twist ending was nice. 9.5/10

Alien Covenant – Yet another alien movie. Nothing really felt new in this. I guessed the twist ending. What’s annoying is they used the lore of Prometheus which I didn’t like. Each time the Xenomorph is slightly different, I think this time it was the same? 6.5/10

Diego Maradonna – Maradonna is a piece of shit (who cheats on his wife), Diego is a slumboy caught up in the dangerous triangle of fame, money and drugs. It is really well made and the retro footage is unsettling. It’s quite amazing how he made Napoli win La Liga but also quite sad how they turned on him. He should have never got in bed with the mob. At least he got rehab and sort of turned his life around. 8.5/10

White Right, Meeting the Enemy – Attractive muslim lady manages to sedduce convince some Neo-Nazis that they’re wrong. The fact this is possible is uplifting. The sad fact is, many if not all of these individuals have hard lives and find solace in Neo-nazism, in the form of belonging, respect and community. 9/10

True Grit – The pluck of the young girl is inspirational, she truly has True Grit. Not your typical Western. 8/10

Unbreakable – Some idiot with brittle bone disease thinks there must be someone with the opposite disease as him (unbreakable), spoilers that’s not how medicine works. Why is he hydrophobic? Why does he have other powers? Probably to fit in with the capeshit meme. At least the twist was nice. 7/10

The Lovebirds – Has the dude from Silicon Valley in it. The plot is unbelievable and the whole thing is kinda dumb. It had its moments I guess. 7/10

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