How to beat library fines

Follow these simple steps:

    Step 1 Accrue charges on your account in a spurious fashion e.g. attempt to renew books over the Christmas holidays via phone but receive ambiguous messages
    Step 2 Realize you’ve received fines
    Step 3 Refuse to pay them
    Step 4 Wait 5 years
    Step 5 Try to take a book out but the machine won’t let you
    Step 6 Librarian gets confused why there’s such old fines on your account and deletes them for you

Et voilà. True story. I kid you not.

Back after 4 years

Only took 4 years for the redux. That is of course despite WordPress shitting itself during installation. It doesn’t seem to cope well with the multisite variable left undefined. Now let’s see if I can import the old database…