2019 in films part 2

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands – They set a western in the Midlands in the modern era? How could that ever work? Well it did and really well. An all star cast with cameos from Vic and Bob too. 9/10

Terminator 2 – A rewatch but a highly anticipated one. You know when the sequel of a great film actually holds up to the orignal and surpasses it? This is one of the few times it happens. Great suspense, action, story, characters. It has everything. 10/10

Equilibrium – This film seemed really familiar. I could have watched it during my great film binge about 15 years ago. Either way it was a delight. As above, great action, storyline and suspense. With a nice twist. 10/10

– This actually wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it’d be. They’ve reprised Tommy Lee Jones from his crypt once again to star in this feature. Though he has little screen time himself, being played by a younger actor in the 60s. It was a lot better than MIB 2 but no way near as good as the original. The plot was lacking. 6/10

Jurassic World
– Why do all these reboots just fall so flat? They’re trying to emulate glories past but instead make a half-hearted attempt at something original. It just comes across as poor imitation. Standalone this movie would be fine, good even perhaps. But taken in the context of the original it’s not that great. Again is the plot that different? Also the film is flawed, why would you set a T-rex on the loose to catch another dinosaur? Now you have a T-rex problem… 5/10

Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. Biopic of M.I.A. She has lead one interesting life. She had a tough upbringing what with the racism, being burgled and having a father who was head of a terrorist group. She found solace in music, which she later used to convey political messages for the downtrodden. She never forgot her roots which is nice. It does show the duplicity of the media, fuck the haters. The home movies she made herself came in handy after all. The film shows how the lines between terrorists and freedom fighters can become blurred. 9/10

The Wicker Man – So god damn creepy. I’ve known about this film for a long time but never watched it. The plot is great and there’s a twist ending which I sort of already guessed. There were certainly many disgusting scenes. I don’t think the pagan lobby were too happy about the depiction of their community. 9/10

Stretch and Bobbito
– I was a bit wary of watching a documentary related to Hip Hop as I don’t really have much interest in the genre. But this was more about an amateur radio station that ‘changed the world’. It’s quite amazing how many famous artists were scouted from this radio show. It’s sad how things went but good how they reconciled. I think I only like 3 or 4 tracks in the whole film! 7/10

Shutter Island – Started off strong, petered out in the middle, when the supposed antagonist was found early on. Then there was a surprise twist which turned the whole thing round and bumped it up a couple of points. 8/10

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